Man sat in front of an open laptop computer hold in wrench and a screwdriver

IT Support

For those day to day IT troubles

Remote Help Desk Service

This service is time-recorded, you only pay on an ad hoc basis per issue dealt with.

The remote help desk service offers off site IT support for the most common IT problems/administration tasks such as setting up new users, dealing with hardware or software problems or just general IT advice and recommendations for your IT set up as and when you need it.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to provide a solution for any specific issue, we are happy to act on your behalf to seek a speedy resolution to your ‘real world’ problem by liaising with suppliers and cutting through the techno jargon to get the job done.

On Site Support

We offer on-site support for installations, upgrades and consultancy work as well as issues that cannot be resolved by phone.

Regular On Site Support

Many clients do not need permanent IT staff but find it invaluable and cost efficient to have a regular, scheduled IT presence on site on a weekly or monthly basis for a set number of hours.

Please contact us for more information about our support services.

We enlisted the help of Network Management Solutions (netmansol) at the inception of our business having had a professional connection with them for over 20 years. We enlist their help in all aspects of our IT infrastructure  including installations and day to day support as well as our Proclaim case management development work.

Their delivery is always quick , efficient and flexible. They are an extremely cost effective solution which I would highly recommend to any business looking to outsource their IT. Margaret Crausby

Partner, Recovery Assist Solicitors